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Foyer and AV renewal project

Foyer and AV renewal project UPDATE (MAY 19, 2021) 


  • Round 0 Affinity Mapping Session – Church Visions and Project Alignment with Interim Board and Lead Pastors on Mar 6, 2021 with 9 attendees.
  • Round 1 Group 1A Requirement Gathering Session with English Ministry, Children Ministry and English Councilors stakeholders on Mar 9, 2021 with 15 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Group 1B Requirement Gathering Session with Cantonese Ministry Pastors, Support and Admin Staff stakeholders on Mar 11, 2021 with 12 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Group 1C Requirement Gathering Session with Mandarin Ministry Pastors, Deacons, Common Councilors, CM, MM, Councilors stakeholders  on Mar 16, 2021 with 22 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Reno Joint Session Requirement Survey Result Walkthru with Group 1A, 1B & 1C on Mar 30, 2021 with 23 attendees.
  •  Round 2 Reno Requirement-Design Focus Group with Interim Board, Admin Staff, Library/Literature Councilor, Apr 8, 2021 with 20 attendees.
  •  Round 3 AV Requirements Workshop with Praise teams, Choir, Musicians and AV Control personnel from EM, CM & MM, Apr 22, 2021 with 27 attendees.
  •  Round 3 Reno Requirement-Design Workshop with Church leadership groups, IT & Property Management, Apr 23, 2021 with 22 attendees.
  • Project Update 更新工程最新消息 (2021-04-27)
  • Round 3 Public information session, May 6, 2021 with 10 attendees
  • Round 3 AV Solution approach and Estimates meeting opened for Praise teams, Choir, Musicians and AV Control personnel, May 13, 2021  with 13 attendees
  • Town Hall  Present renovation plan and AV changes, May 16, 2021 over 140 attendees


Coming  TOWN HALL Extension for Q & A

Town Hall on May 30  2pm  

I have just a quick question

*** We are looking for renovation contractors and AV vendors to submit quotes and bids.  If you know any reliable firms, please contact the project team.


General Inquiry and Feedback: LBCproject2021@gmail.com

Project Lead:  Alan Chan  Member: Joshua Lee, Sandy Lee

AV Team Lead: Jacky Lai   Members: Jacky Lai, Garry Chung  

Reno Team Lead: Paul Hung   Members: Edmund Kwok  Helper: David Li