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AODA (輔助功能 )

Logos Baptist Church (Milliken) or LBCM aims to provide equal access and participation for all individuals who may enter our premises or use its services. We are committed to minimizing barriers to persons with disabilities and will endeavour to ensure a safe, dignified and welcoming environment for everyone. LBCM respects and upholds the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), and its associated standards and regulations. It is LBCM’s goal to create a community that is inclusive of all persons and supports all members of the community in an equitable manner. We will support and facilitate the accommodation of persons with disabilities so that they are able to access all opportunities that LBCM offers. Providing an accessible and barrier-free environment is a shared effort. LBCM will work with the necessary parties to work towards the goal of becoming a more welcoming church. LBCM will make reasonable effort to monitor and evaluate its progress towards AODA standards as required. Copies of policies are available upon request.

徽標浸信會(Milliken)或LBCM旨在為所有可能進入我們的場所或使用我們的服務的個人提供平等的進入和參與。我們致力於最大限度地減少對殘疾人的障礙,並將努力確保所有人的安全,尊嚴和友善的環境。 LBCM尊重並遵守《安大略省殘疾人無障礙法》(2005)及其相關標準和法規中規定的要求。 LBCM的目標是創建一個包含所有人的社區,並以公平的方式支持社區的所有成員。我們將支持並便利殘疾人的住宿,以便他們能夠利用LBCM提供的所有機會。提供可訪問且無障礙的環境是共同的努力。 LBCM將與必要的政黨合作,朝著成為更受歡迎的教會的目標努力。 LBCM將根據需要做出合理的努力來監控和評估其在AODA標準方面的進展。可應要求提供政策副本。