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News & Announcements November 10, 2019

News & Announcements November 10, 2019

Welcome ALL to our Logos Milliken 

If this is your first time at Logos, please visit our Welcome Table and kindly sign our guest book.

Next Week’s EM/YM Joint Service

  1. Worship Speaker : Rev. George Mah
  2. Welcome Team: EM
  3. Passage for Message: 2 Cor 10:6-15

Sunday Service

Our Sunday worship starts at 11:30 am with a period of 15 minutes for us to pray and reflect. We encourage you to make use of this time to prepare your hearts to worship and enjoy the presence of God.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

EM has prayer meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pM in room B03. You are invited to come and pray together as a community.

Administration Affair

1. Deacon Board Structure/Function Review Committee—Congregation Representative Election
Election will be held on Sunday November 24th, 2019 after service. Two representatives shall be chosen by English Ministry members from below:

  • Application received by September 15th, 2019 deadline:
    Andrea Pang (confirmed vote)
  • Application received during extension period till October 6th, 2019:
    Juliette Wong, Jim Hui (choose 1)
    Candidate must receive more than 50% affirmative vote from all valid ballots received in order to be elected.

Pastoral Intern – Young Adult & Family (Cantonese) Lawrence Wong will be joining our Logos pastoral team as pastoral intern for one year starting January 2020. He will serve in our Cantonese Ministry team with a focus on supporting and shepherding the young adult and families. During the first half of his internship, Lawrence will work part time. He will move on to work full time from July 2020. Lawrence is a graduate from China Graduate School of Theology (CGST) of Hong Kong with a Master of Christian Studies (Biblical Hermeneutics). Lawrence and his wife Ruth are currently attending our Bethany Fellowship.

Mission Department — 2019 LBC Joint Mission Conference

  1. 2019 LBC Joint Mission Conference Mission Pledges― for the past two Sundays we had collected 117 pledges for a total of $83,785. Our Joint Mission budget next year is $132,500 and our church Mission budget is $74,300 for a total of $206,800. Please pray for our mission efforts, and brothers and sisters supporting this pledge through faith.
  2. Operation Christmas Child — We have a target to bless 1,000 children with OCC Shoeboxes this year. Let’s pray and support to make it come true by :
    a.   Pack one or more shoeboxes with $10 included in each box for shipping.
    b.   For $25 per box, we will pack one on your behalf (shipping fee included), please pick up and order shoeboxes from Oct. 20th – Nov. 10th. Cutoff date for boxes collection: Nov. 17th.
    c.   We have set up a book table in the Fellowship Hall today to introduce OCC’s mission, history, development, and a personal testimony book with pictures at a special rate of $5. There is a limited quantity of books for sale.

Community Concern

a. Winter has been already upon us. Please help set the table for our hungry neighbors by taking part in LBC food drive to benefit Markham Food Bank. Brothers and sisters can bring non-perishable items to church and drop into the box beside the elevator.

b. We are also collecting eyeglasses (men’s, women’s, children’s, single vision/distance, reading and bi-focal) and non-prescription sunglasses until Dec. 7th.  Please drop off in the labelled box next to the elevator.

C.   133rd Milliken Scout Group congratulations to the Scout leaders and Scouts on their contributions to Scouts Canada and the community. They have been awarded with the Certificate of Distinguished Volunteer.


1. Library and Literature News — Every 1st and 2nd Sunday of each odd month, books displayed in the Fellowship Hall for brothers and sisters to borrow for reading.

2. News from Finance

a. Offering reports for October and YTD Jan-Oct 2019 are now posted on the bulletin board outside the main office. Please check your records for reconciliation.

b. Financial Highlights for 2019 LBCM


The above financial summary is for your information. This financial summary is issued on a quarterly basis in April, July, October and January while the annual financial statements will be distributed at the Annual General Meeting in March.

3.  News of Sunday School a new course on LIVE College and Young Adult Curriculum will be offered in the new season of Sunday School starting on Dec. 1st, all brothers and sisters are encouraged to attend.